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For most of my career, had you asked me what I did for a living or what I considered myself in terms of a professional title, I would have quickly, and nearly thoughtlessly described myself as a creative director. Recently I’ve come to analyze the words in that title and have come to realize that it may be a term that has become archaic. 

As technology has progressed to a point where our ability to look deep into a consumer’s behavior, purchasing habits, desires and aspirations give us the ability to precisely guide marketing strategy, I believe that the manifestation of creativity is no more than decoration if not driven by knowledge that exceeds esthetics. Masterful writing and sublime design, the product of left-brain thinking, becomes brittle under the scrutiny of scientific process. 

Without the marriage of these traditionally opposing forces, pure creativity is destined to fail. Am I a Creative Director? Like so many others in this profession who have changed the face of marketing and consumer engagement, I choose to be more.

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With all that I do, I am a strategic, big-picture thinker with proven ability to assess market or client needs and project requirements, and direct solutions that engage the target market, enhance brand awareness and drive revenue. I have a proven strength and confidence in presenting to C-level executives in Blue Chip companies, managing multiple projects and budgets, and dynamic teams. Effective communicator, negotiator and decision maker. Superior problem-solving skills, idea generation and always looking for what opportunity may be missing. Capable of mastering complex concepts and turning them into relatable stories. Concept-to-completion oversight of world-class digital strategies, print, and broadcast campaigns. Success developing complex interactive websites and integrated brand/marketing campaigns and efficient management of multiple priority projects on concurrent time lines.


I love movies and the best of them, The Lord of The Rings; Anything by Hitchcock; Anything by Kubrick, have burnt into my subconscious.
When approaching a corporate video or when lucky enough to do a TV spot, I am mindful that I’m utilizing a medium of great influence and power. I sweat the details, regardless of budget, to produce something of beauty, something that allows the intended audience to be motivated into action.
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UX-tacy Marketing has become increasingly reliant on digital and, as a result, so have the initiatives put forth by my clients.
Whether it’s an e-commerce site or one establishing corporate and brand positioning, one thing hold true. The user should be served up a digital environment that completely meets their expectations. Purchasing online, if that is a function of the sites I’ve designed, will always be seamless. Navigation will be logical and intuitive and the content and design throughout will ensure stickiness.
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Direct Marketing

Direct marketing represents a large portion of my catalog of work. Clients such as HBO have trusted me for nearly a decade to develop their campaigns for subscriber acquisition.
In 1967, Lester Wunderman identified, named, and defined the term “direct marketing”. Wunderman—considered to be the father of contemporary direct marketing—is behind the creation of the toll-free 1-800 number and numerous loyalty marketing programs including the Columbia Record Club, the magazine subscription card, and the American Express Customer Rewards program. Thanks Lester!
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Any of us that have been involved with the creation of an identity for a brand or a company know what an awesome responsibility it can be. Selecting a name for a child often comes more easily.
The common thread that exists with all of them is that they met and surpassed the objectives of the assignment. Whether naming a channel for HBO or designing a corporate mark, I approach the problem with the confidence that what will be delivered will capture the essence of the brand and contribute to its success.
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Building a campaign for a brand requires the very same discipline. Endurance and relevance over the life of a brand requires both intuition and insight.
Did you know that Matthew Weiner, creator of the popular TV show Mad Men, already knows how the show will end, down to the last shot? And that many authors write the endings of books first, before they get going with the beginning? That is what is known as beginning with the end in mind, and it is not just a force in creating art.
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