About me

For most of my career, had you asked me what I did for a living or what I considered myself in terms of a professional title, I would have quickly, and nearly thoughtlessly described myself as a creative director. Recently I’ve come to analyze the words in that title and have come to realize that it may be a term that has become archaic. As technology has progressed to a point where our ability to look deep into a consumer’s behavior, purchasing habits, desires and aspirations give us the ability to precisely guide marketing strategy, I believe that the manifestation of creativity is no more than decoration if not driven by knowledge that exceeds esthetics. Masterful writing and sublime design, the product of left-brain thinking, becomes brittle under the scrutiny of scientific process. Without the marriage of these traditionally opposing forces, pure creativity is destined to fail. Am I a Creative Director? Like so many others in this profession who have changed the face of marketing and consumer engagement, I choose to be more.