Creative Director

For most of my career, had you asked me what I did for a living or what I considered myself in terms of a professional title, I would have quickly, and nearly thoughtlessly described myself as a creative director. Recently I’ve come to analyze the words in that title and have come to realize that it may be a term that has become archaic. As technology has progressed to a point where our ability to look deep into a consumer’s behavior, purchasing habits, desires and aspirations give us the ability to precisely guide marketing strategy, I believe that the manifestation of creativity is no more than decoration if not driven by knowledge that exceeds esthetics. Masterful writing and sublime design, the product of left-brain thinking, becomes brittle under the scrutiny of scientific process. Without the marriage of these traditionally opposing forces, pure creativity is destined to fail. Am I a Creative Director? Like so many others in this profession who have changed the face of marketing and consumer engagement, I choose to be more.


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What clients are saying.

I worked for Kevin for years and I’m writing to let you know that he is an outstanding creative talent with exceptional concepting and design skills. Above all, Kevin is an innovative thinker—the kind of guy who busts open the box when everyone else is stuck inside.

Any creative team would be better off with Kevin on it.

Ed Shankman, Chief Creative Officer, Natrel USA

Kevin Harrington is a creative professional whose capacity to take on highly complex marketing challenges with the ability to quickly comprehend the science behind the pharmaceutical product makes him successful. His relentless focus on innovative solutions and his understanding of “how to market” in a digital and social media environment, makes all the difference. I have enjoyed working with Kevin and look forward to working with him again.

Lu Ann Binda, North America Lead, Promotional Operations at Pfizer

Kevin Harrington is a versatile, inquisitive thinker who thinks in terms of the big picture. He doesn’t just come up with creative ideas, he creates campaigns. Being an entrepreneur adds a business and marketing perspective to his creative eye. Kevin embraces change and is a champion of new thinking and new technologies. And on top of it all, he’s a helluva nice guy!

Jim Coakley, Branding, Marketing, Advertising Strategist, Kumon

Kevin is a wonderful CD who has a deep understanding of branding and designing for business. He is incredibly creative, which has made him one of my favorite brainstorming partners.Kevin gets the nuance of what a brand is — and what it isn’t —and excels at evangelizing that concept across an organization.

Michelle Douglas , Senior Vice President, Raleigh Marketplace Leader at Ketchum